In-House Subscription Packages

We offer “In-House Subscription Packages” for business clients who may require services on a limited basis, therefore minimizing their legal expenses.  We offer several service packages pay for through a monthly subscription.  To learn more, or decide which is the right package for you, please click on the box below.

Registered Agent Services

Florida law requires that your company or corporation designate a registered agent.  As your registered agent we will provide you with the following services:

We will provide you with our registered name and address;

Receive and forward all service of process and legal notifications;

Archive and store copies of all important notifications that we receive as your registered agent;

Online access to registered agent records and documents received on your behalf.

Provide your with Annual Report filing reminders and deadline tracking.

Record Keeping and Compliance 

Florida law sets out the legal, record-keeping requirements for Florida limited liability companies and corporations.  Our Record Keeping and Compliance Services includes the following:

Conduct a one-time audit of your corporate records;

Make the necessary updates to your corporate records to keep your business in compliance;

Maintain copies of all the records to be kept and maintained to remain in full compliance;

Conduct and chair your annual meeting and provide you with a record of such meeting by way of meeting minutes, notices or waiver of notices, and corresponding resolutions;

Designation as your Corporate Record Custodian. As the corporate record custodian, our firm will maintain digital copies of your corporate records to ensure your company remains in full compliance with Florida Statutes;

Online access to your corporate records.


Corporate Records Audit

Our Firm will conduct a one-time audit of your corporate records and recommend necessary updates or changes to ensure your Company remains in compliance with Florida law, and to prevent future pitfalls.
Corporate Meeting Services

We conduct and chair meetings of shareholders, directors, or members of your Company, and draft your meeting minutes, notices or waiver of notices, and any corresponding resolutions. Florida law requires that shareholders of Florida corporations conduct annual meetings. In other instances, annual meetings may not be required by statute. However, conducting your meetings and keeping a record of such meetings is important so as to ensure that an accurate record of your Company’s actions is kept.
Incorporation and Formation

We draft the required organizational documents to form and establish your company as mandated by Florida statutes; we conduct your organizational meeting (if required) and establish a record of same; we file the requisite articles with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.



We prepare and review your business contracts, and negotiate the terms affecting your rights and obligations under the contract. Some of the contracts handled by our firm include: commercial and residential leases; independent contractor agreements; employment contracts and termination of employment agreements; settlements and releases; licensing and franchising agreements; consulting and service agreements; distributorship and wholesale agreements; confidentiality and non-compete agreements; model and talent agreements; invoice terms and conditions; website terms and conditions; joint venture agreements; buy-sell agreements; stock purchase agreements; business and asset purchase agreements.


 We take care of all your start-up matters; business formation and organization matters; stock purchases and redemptions; drafting of bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and buy-sell agreements. We handle corporate compliance matters such as record keeping and conducting your shareholder meetings; we draft your corporate resolutions and update your corporate records. We also handle mergers and acquisitions, corporate dissolutions and other complex business transactions. We also conduct on-site and risk-management audits to mitigate liability exposure of your business or ensure that you are in compliance with applicable laws.


Our firm provides businesses with litigation support, including pleading drafting, motion hearing practice, and pre-trial and trial practice. Our firm also works closely with clients on pre-suit matters such as those pertaining to pre-suit notices and demands, settlement offers and release of claims.

Real Estate

Our firm represents both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. We negotiate real estate contracts and prepare and review closing documents. We help clients implement effective solutions to the issues that often arise during the course of a real estate transaction.