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The Serrano Law Firm

Our in-house approach

Large corporations may have in-house counsels who become familiar with the daily operations of the company so that they can provide the company with legal advise on general business matters that come up on a daily basis. The Serrano Law Firm can fulfill this role for start-ups, small and medium size companies who do not want to incur the cost of a full-time, in-house attorney.  Our Firm will become familiar with the Company's daily operations in order to provide efficient legal representation on general business matters that may come up day to day - in a similar way an in-house counsel would.     

Through planning we come up with specific strategies to provide you with results.




We integrate our legal practice with the Client's business and  its daily operations to provide them with full legal services the same way an in-house attorney would.  We  organize monthly conference calls and meetings  to review developments.



Review, track and monitor legal issues that come up routinely or from time to time. We address those issues and 

develop strategies to resolve 

them quickly and effectively.   



We can quickly step in and handle general disputes with a vendor, customer, or contractor; We can respond to general legal matters by phone, email or other form of correspondence; respond to demands or legal notices; draft a release, a promissory note, or an acknowledgment form, or handle collection matters that may come up from time to time. 

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