S E R R A N O - L A W



Large corporations normally work with an in-house counsel on a full-time basis.  The in-house lawyer becomes familiar with the daily operations of the company and provides legal representation on a wide-range of business and legal matters that come up on a daily basis. 

You may not need to hire an in-house counsel on a full-time basis.  We can provide in-house counsel services for you on an ad-hoc or as-needed basis, therefore minimizing your legal expenses.   

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a start-up, or you have a business that continues to grow, our firm can be your in-house attorney ready to step in as needed, without incurring the cost of a full-time, in-house lawyer.


Our Firm provides a holistic approach when analyzing your business and legal needs. In doing so, we provide legal representation that takes a general approach that integrates multiple practice areas and services. Similar to an in-house lawyer or corporate counsel, we can step in and quickly resolve an HR or employment issues, structure financing and lending transactions, address intellectual property concerns, resolve a business dispute, help you with the sale of your business, or assist you in the expansion of your business by assisting you in the acquisition of a new line of business, securing financing, or diversifying your business portfolio.

As your In-House Lawyer, we can also serve as your company's registered agent, and provide you with our record-keeping/ corporate book services.


Through our web-based, client portal, our In-House Clients can quickly access and view their files, pay bills, contact our attorneys, access our Firm's calendar, assign tasks, or make comments to shared documents.  Through our app, our Clients will have immediate access to all their case information online, on their computer, tablet, or on their smartphones.

We integrate our practice with your business so that we can review, track and monitor legal issues that come up from time to time. Through our online portal, our In-House Clients can assign or view tasks, access the Firm's calendar, access files, pay bills, or make comments on shared documents.

As your In-House attorney, we conduct conference calls and meetings to review developments. We also conduct on-site audits and meetings.


We can quickly step-in to handle issues such as responding to a dispute with a vendor, customer, or employee; draft a release, a promissory note, or an acknowledgment form; handle collection matters; or draft a service agreement.